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The love of the game and the consequences we face!

A once happy go lucky family was struck down by Lyme disease!

Years of sitting on fields watching soccer games, triggered an onset of  mysterious pain, suffering, a struggle to stay focused and the feeling like I was going die all became too much to bare.

After seeing numerous Doctor’s, specialists and after spending close to $25,000 over 3 and a half years searching for answers, after undergoing numerous tests and analysis, I was given the diagnostic of Lyme Disease, through a indecisive test result. (more…)

from jaime to you…

A special Thank You to Bar 19th for your willingness to host our event and to the Nicole Megaloudis Foundation for your sponsorship support. Your generous hospitality was sincere and I could not have asked for more. Alex and Mimi thank you for all the hard work, I’m not sure how many people can arrange an event like this in little →


Friends, 99 Dreams 1 Heart Foundation, Inc. (“99 Dreams) would like to give a special Thank You to The Nicole Megaloudis Foundation for agreeing to sponsor 99 Dreams by accepting donations on behalf of 99 Dreams 1 Heart Foundation and earmarking the donations for use by 99 Dreams. We thank The Nicole Megaloudis Foundation for their gracious support and assistance. -thank you →